Earthquake Relief Work 2nd May, 2015

AWON gained field experience in relief work from field visit and found lots of needy village, people who didn't get any relief from any organization or government. AWON team decided to support two more mostly affected village with the Indigenous communities. AWON provided support to SipaPokhari Village Development Committee, Gairee Gaun Mija tole ward no 4 with total household of 67 of which 53 HHs were from Tamang, 13 HHs were Dalits and 1 HH was Chhetri.

The total population of the village was near to 600. AWON distributed 67 sets of relief items with food items (beaten rice, noodles, biscuits, mixtures, salt, lactogen), Non food items (tents, sleeping mattress, clothes (men, women, adolescents girls, children, and newborn/infamy nts), blankets, first aid kits (essential medicines, sanitary pads, facemask, water purifier, soap and bandage with utilization information sheets). AWON deployed more than 50 volunteers and staff for relief work. 99% house were collapsed, people were living under open sky. AWON is expensed USD 2,200 for relief work.

Lactating Mothers  : 4

 Pregnant mothers : 4

Children under 2 yrs. : 10

Adolescents (13- 19 yrs) : 15

Disable : Women 1 and Men 3

 Single Women : 15

Family in death rituals : 1