Protest Ongoing: Gender Responsive Constitution

Action Works Nepal stands for Gender Responsive Constitution since 2010. Through networking and alliance building, AWON is significantly contributing in various advocacy activities such as protest, rally, dharna, petition submission etc.

In Jan 12, 2015, AWON was in protest program for following demands to be fulfilled from the government:

·         Formulate gender-friendly constitution within Magh 8 (January 22, 2015)

·         Ensure equal rights of women in the provision of citizenship

·         Ensure proportionate representation of women in overall restructure policy

·         Half of the population is occupied by women therefore ensure women's rights regarding identity, equality and the right to live a violence-free life

·         Make the election process gender-friendly and ensure proportionate representation of women in politics

·         Ensure women's control over their body and their sexual and reproductive rights as fundamental rights

·         Formulate constitution within Magh 8 (January 22, 2015) and create a favorable environment to end violence against women