Engagement with Community Leaders for Gender and Social Inclusion


Action Works Nepal (AWON), a strategic partner of the Italian Foundation, facilitated three different reflection sessions in Lamra, Dillichaur and Khalanga in Jumla with community leaders and a project team of the Italian Foundation (Fondazione Un Raggio di Luce) from 25 Jan-2 Feb, 2014.

The key objectives of the reflection sessions were to identify the context, particularly the process of project intervention and understanding of team members in order to guide them toward the goal of the project’s log frame. These were very rigorous discussions where participatory tools were practiced: games, role play, question/answer, small group discussion, case studies, songs, and individual work.

The entire discussion ran in a spontaneous manner around the lives of participants and their experiences, personal and professional. The following points were introduced and discussed:

1) group organization and mobilization

2) engagement of women, men, and traditional healers

3) leadership and communication skills

4) facilitation skills

5) concepts of gender: gender based violence (GBV) and gender equality

6) participatory tools: introduction, use, and importance of

7) advocacy skills

8) monitoring and coaching

9) documentation, and success stories

10) reporting and its mechanisms

11) review and reflection meetings

12) capacity building

13) team spirit, and team building

14) organizational positions: admin/finance, GESI and HR policies

15) governance

16) rights based approaches

17) livelihood activities and sustainable approaches

18) coordination

19) chain of command and delegation of authority

20) social inclusion  

21) identification and optimum utilization of local resources   

22) networking

23) code of conduct

24) action planning

Most of these issues were discussed several times to make sure.

Ms. Radha Paudel and Ms. Anita Bhujel worked as facilitators from AWON, whereas Mr. Dhan Bhadur Air provided input in between the discussions.  In the beginning, the participants were seeking components of traditional training such as a schedule or presentations.  Later, they adapted and enjoyed the process. However, they showed resistance to change their behaviors. They have difficulties in their individual lives which greatly impacts their professional lives. In order to enforce the activities, processes, and values which were discussed, The Italian Foundation and AWON have crucial roles to pay special consideration to coaching, and mandate implementation of agreed points, as well as being flexible in providing materials, if required.

AWON suggested one week for BEE group, and two weeks for 4 S, to adjust for grouping and alignment of all ongoing activities.

And last but not least, AWON expresses its most sincere thanks and gratitude to The Italian Foundation for agreeing to be a strategic partner, as well as to all participants who made these 12 days of discussion more productive with fun.