Meeting with the Constitution Assembly (CA) members of Jumla

 AWON in coordination with FRL organize and facilitate a meeting with the Constitution Assembly members of Jumla, Karnali. As per the commitment made in first women conference in Jumla, to share and make accountable to the local CA members on Jumla declaration paper. The women conference focus it discussion and raised various issues related on thirteen points, twelve points on Beijing declaration added with climate change.


The four CA members were invited out of which three of them participated in the meeting. Goma Kunwar, from UCPN (Maoist), Lalit Jung Shai from Nepali Congress, Bal Bahadur Mahat from CPN - UML.  

The meeting was lead by Radha Paudel, Founder President of AWON where the declaration paper was shared and discusses on the issues. All the CA members were seen very active and shared their observation and experiences over it.

Goma Kuwar, highlighted that due to absence of local government authorities (VDC secretary, school teachers, health post staffs) in the village, people are facing lots of problems. The local government needs to be responsible and accountable. This system is guided from years and politics have played a catalyst role to root in deeply.  When ever this issue is raised to be address, we politician play our power game to make it ineffective and those people are not punished because they belong to some party worker. Those people need to be punished and as a politicians we all parties need to be together to raise the issues and punish those people according to law.


Lalit Jung Shahi also express his gratitude to the organization that it had started making aware to the Jumla locals in the good governance, women rights and health issues which is seen very delicate in these areas. He agreed with Goma Kunwar and request to make the campaign more effective and commit to work together. He also suggests organizing a meeting with local politicians in Jumla, making and following up with the local monitoring mechanism.

Bal Bahadur Mahat strongly committed to raise the issues in district yearly meeting with district chief authorities and local politicians. He also shared that, Karnali is being poor due to poor thought towards Karnali and its people from the central politics and government. He shared his bitter experiences on how he was ignored while approaching for the budget on health for Karnali.

The meeting was ended with the commitment to work together to make developed Jumla along with the shared responsibilities among all stakeholders.


Date:  2nd December 2015                        

Venue: Yal Maya Kendra, Patan Dhoka