Volunteer Appreciation & Certification Program

Welcome spech 

Welcome spech 

On December 17th, AWON organized an Appreciation and Certification Program for AWON volunteers and well wishers who supported and assist AWON in the Earthquake Emergency Response and Recovery Work in different EQ affected district.

The program was held in Siddhartha Cottage; Tinkunae, Kathmandu Nepal.  All together there were 35 participants in the program including board members, advisor, volunteers and office staffs. The program was started by the welcome speech of the Program Manager where she extended her sincere gratitude and appreciation on the behalf of whole AWON team for the prayers, thoughts, and support of the supporting hands and the contribution of the volunteers in the emergency response and recovery work.

Along with the welcome speech by PM, one minute silence was done in the remembrance of the departed souls in the devastating quake and after that two volunteers one from male and one from female (Kiran Chaulagain & Janaki Dhami) shared their experiences on volunteering in AWON. Treasurer; Bharat Wasti too shared his stories of the emergency response and recovery work and thanked all the volunteers and supporting hands. After that all saluted for the great work along with the national anthem and certificate distribution was done by the Advisor Anupama Dahal and Sanu Laxmi Ghasi.



The program was for 2 hours and ended with the closing remarks from General Board Member, Gita Dhakal along with the refreshment and song by Anupama Dahal; the advisor of AWON.

Honored Laurimaya Thami on the occasion of International Rural Women Day

 Laurimaya Thami after receiving award

 Laurimaya Thami after receiving award

In order to honor and congratulate Ms. Lauri Maya Thami who won the international Women’s creativity Rural Life award, 2015 provided by Women’s World Submit Foundation (WWSF), Action Works Nepal conducted a program in coordination with other organizations at Khalanga, Jumla, on 15th of October 2015. 

The International Ruler Women’s Day, kicked off with rally at morning with the participation of more than 150 participants at Jumla, Khalanga. After rally, a program was conducted in the FNCCI Hall, to honor Ms Thami where there was a significant participation of the government and non-governmental stakeholders, rural and local leaders, district networks, political leaders and media peoples. The Chief Guest of the program, District Judge Mr. Bhanu Bhakta Sharma honored and congratulated Ms. Thami by highlighting about her contribution in the community and handed over certificate. 

Speakers in the program focuses onlocal women’srightandpromotion of the women from local level and empower them  focuses on the promotion of gender equality, reproductive health rights, representation of women in different decision making process and so on. Some expressed that Ms. Thami as a role model real example of her society and also a encouragement for other people.  

Where the International prize winner Ms. Thami shares her views that she feels honored with this prize and express heartily thanks to WWSF team for selecting her for the prize. With this prize she feels added responsibility towards society and also committed that she will continue to contribute in the society until and unless she could work. She also added some bitter experiences while working in the community and focused that women should be empowered in every sector and there should be full support of other family members too.


AWON Leads Health Camps in Remote VDCs of Kavre, 2015

Action Works Nepal (AWON) organized health camps focused on older people in 4 remote VDCs of Kavre. A mobile health camp team spent 11 days; 6 days for health camps and 5 days for walking from 29 September to 9 October 2015 in Budhakhani, Foksingtar, Banakhuchaur and Ghartichhap VDCs, also known as Dandapari (across the hills) and 'Karnali of Kavre'.

Altogether, 717 persons have benefitted from the health camps of which 374 are male and 344 are female. Of the 717 persons, while 539 are over 60 years old, other 178 persons are under 60. The persons underage than the target were provided medical services because of their higher or emergency needs. 

After having their health checked by a general physician and an orthopedist, the patients were provided with medicines as prescribed. The specialist doctors have spent lots of time in counselling as well. As necessary, blood sugar test and ECG test were also carried out. A total of 15 patients had ECG test and 67 patients had blood sugar tested during the camps. Referral supports were provided to some older persons who urgently need to go to higher medical centers but have poor economic status.

In coordination with Tilganga Eye Center, AWON also had an ophthalmic team which managed eye check-ups. Almost all of the patients had their eyes checked. A total of 258 eyeglasses were distributed and 110 patients have been identified for cataract surgery. AWON will manage free cataract surgery of the identified individuals in coordination with and support from Tilganga Eye Center.

When asked, many of the older persons said that they did not know of such camps from other organizations before and wished to have such camps brought to them routinely. Many older persons who were weak and ill of many diseases were overjoyed to have their health checked by a doctor. AWON had led emergency health camps in some of these VDCs just after the April 25 earthquake.

At the same time, need for health camps for other age groups, especially women and children, were expressed. 

In similar health camps organized in Jaisithok, GairibisaunaDeupur, Nayagaun and Anekot VDCs from 21-26 August 2015, 1016 persons have benefitted of the similar health services. Following table summarizes the basic data. 

HelpAge International has provided financial support for these health camps. 








Kathmandu, 4th October 2015: Action Works Nepal (AWON) heartily extends its warm wishes and congratulatesLaurimayaThami for being selected and wining the price for the WWSF Prize for women’s creativity in Rural Life – 2015, with an award of US$ 1000. Ms. Laurimaya is among 10 laureates selected by the WWSF International Prize Jury among the nominations received this year.

LauriMayaThami(60+)  is a rural woman who lives in the Jumla district,  where the human development index is the lowest of any other area in Nepal.  Thami is changing oppressive cultural norms in her village—she became a widow 14 years ago,  and refused to wear the traditional garb of widows that allows society to stigmatize them. As such, other women are following suit. She has also been working to dismantle the oppressive practice of chhaupadi (where women are moved into isolation and are considered untouchable during menstruation)  of child marriage,  early marriage, and caste-based discrimination.  Thamihaspromotedgenderequalitythrough herworkasacommunitygenderfacilitatorin women’sempowermentandlivelihood improvement program in Jumla.  She has empowered women girls and children to claim their rights and has gained a size able critical mass of supporter sand young activists.  She also promotes gender equality through her door-to-door campaign to convince parents to send their children to school, particularly their girl children.  As a Female Community Health Volunteer,  she works with pregnant women to educate the reproductive health of mothers and infants, and also educates local couples about basic contraceptive methods. 

Once again the entire AWON team congratulates her for the success she has kissed making whole Nation and Karnali proud and being one of the inspirational social leader to encourage youths and rural social hidden leaders for making the change. AWON is very happy to find such a powerful committed leader from rural Nepal to work together for the social cause to establish social justice and peace in the rural Nepal. For further more information please visit the link: http://www.onsnews.com/laaurimaya-thami-won-the-international-prize/

Earthquake Relief Work Report 2015 (April & May)


On 25-APR-15 a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal with the epicenter at Lamjung. Dozens of aftershocks followed, including a 6.7 magnitude earthquake on 26-APR-15. It was the most powerful disaster to strike Nepal since 1934. Though the earthquake was felt all over Nepal but it has affected badly in thirteen district of Nepal. According to the Nepal Police official website, till now(27th May 2015) 8,676 people have lost their lives and more than 21,966 are injured, millions have became homeless and lost their beloved ones and now struggling to have basic needs such as food, shelter and drinking water.

Action Works Nepal, one of the major program themes is humanitarian Support.  AWON had always proved to be with the survivors for their help. AWON team decided to help earthquake victim family. The team started working in relief work from 27th May 2015 (3rd day of the first earthquake).  


AWON and HelpAge Sign on a New Project

Action Works Nepal and HelpAge International have signed on a new project for Nepal Earthquake Response. The project has been named 'Miteri Valuing Older People in Emergencies (Miteri VOPE)'

The Miteri VOPE project will be implemented from July to December 2015 in 8 VDCs (Phoksingtar, Ghartichhap, Banakhuchaur, Budhakhani, Anaikot, Nayagaun, Jasithok and Gairibisaunadeupur) of Kavre.

The project will provide basic health services and psychosocial support to the vulnerable, with a focus on older people; and empower the most vulnerable and marginalized older people to maintain their good health and claim their rights.

Press Release



 Kathmandu, 26 May 2015: ACTION WORKS NEPAL is marking one month since the devastating earthquake that struck the country, and expresses its condolences to the families of the 8,664 people who died and 21,974 who were left injured.The disaster saw 501,906 homes fully destroyed and a further 272,232 partially destroyed.

Recognising that people affected could not wait for international and government funds to arrive, ACTION WORKS NEPAL saw the pain, needs and heart of those affected and mobilised to provide aid though there was no money for relief work. AWON has been providing relief support from the third day after the disaster with the support of volunteers who were themselves often living in temporary shelters. More than 100 volunteers were mobilised in different areas for relief work.

AWON reached out directly to 7 of the most affected districts (Kavrepalanchowk, Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha, Dhading, Ramechhap, Kathmandu and Lalitpur) with relief items (food and non-food items) provided to 1,460 households which included124 post-natal new mothers, 129 pregnant women, 59 people with disabilities, 160 children under the age of 5, 141 widows, and 355 elderly people.  AWON also brought health care and treatment to 710 people through a 2 day Residential Health Camp and an additional 407 people with a one day Health Camp. More than 30 children (aged 5 to 10 years) are also engaged in the Miteri Learning Centre in Kavrepalanchowk.

ACTION WORK NEPAL’s commitment to helping Nepal rebuild remains constant and we continue to provide aid as well as planning an expansion of the aid we provide. We want to thank the many people who have stepped forward and donated. We ask for continued support as we continue helping the people of Nepal rebuild their country. Donations can be made through our website, www.actionworksnepal.com

Earthquake Relief Work 2nd May, 2015

AWON gained field experience in relief work from field visit and found lots of needy village, people who didn't get any relief from any organization or government. AWON team decided to support two more mostly affected village with the Indigenous communities. AWON provided support to SipaPokhari Village Development Committee, Gairee Gaun Mija tole ward no 4 with total household of 67 of which 53 HHs were from Tamang, 13 HHs were Dalits and 1 HH was Chhetri.

The total population of the village was near to 600. AWON distributed 67 sets of relief items with food items (beaten rice, noodles, biscuits, mixtures, salt, lactogen), Non food items (tents, sleeping mattress, clothes (men, women, adolescents girls, children, and newborn/infamy nts), blankets, first aid kits (essential medicines, sanitary pads, facemask, water purifier, soap and bandage with utilization information sheets). AWON deployed more than 50 volunteers and staff for relief work. 99% house were collapsed, people were living under open sky. AWON is expensed USD 2,200 for relief work.

Lactating Mothers  : 4

 Pregnant mothers : 4

Children under 2 yrs. : 10

Adolescents (13- 19 yrs) : 15

Disable : Women 1 and Men 3

 Single Women : 15

Family in death rituals : 1


Earthquake Relief Work 1st May, 2015

AWON, in coordination with Ministry of Public Health, District Public Health Office supported relief (tents, sleeping mattress, clothes (men, women, adolescents girls, children, and newborn/infants), blankets, first aid kits (essential medicines, sanitary pads, face-mask, water purifier, soap and bandage with utilization information sheets), Food items (beaten rice, noodles, biscuits, mixtures, salt, lactogen). AWON relief team was lead by Ms. Radha Paudel and Mr. Bharat Wasti. AWON deployed more than 50 volunteers and staff for relief work. AWON supported 87 HHs of Shipapokhari village development committee, Bhandarithok village with total population of 430 of which 245 were women and 185 men. 95% house were collapsed so,  people were living under open sky.

Lactating Mothers : 3

Children under 2 yrs. :  20

Adolescents (13- 19 yrs) : 20

Disable : Women 6 and Men 4

 People with Chronic disease : 1

 Single Women : 7

Family in death rituals : 4

Villagers in Sipapokhari, Sindupalchowk to take Relief 

Villagers in Sipapokhari, Sindupalchowk to take Relief 

Taking care of new born and lactating mothers while relief distribution

Taking care of new born and lactating mothers while relief distribution

Earthquake Relief Work 29th April, 2015

AWON team organize meeting for emergency response to mostly affected area. The meeting decided to make an ERC with a leadership of Founder, President Radha Paudel. (Though Ms. Paudel was in Jumla she was connecting with us via phone and commit to join team as early as possible). Team decided to deploy staff, volunteers (regarding technical and non technical staff) for relief work in mostly affected part outside valley. AWON team visited TU Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj and coordinated with Nursing Director, Kopila Palek Shrestha to support the team in this crisis time. 


Earthquake Relief Work 27th April, 2015

On 25-APR-15 a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal with the epicenter at Lamjung. Dozens of aftershocks followed, including a 6.7 magnitude earthquake on 26-APR-15. It was the most powerful disaster to strike Nepal since 1934. Though the earthquake was felt all over Nepal but it has affected badly in thirteen district of Nepal. Till now more than 7,250 people have lost their lives and more than 14,122 are injured, millions have became homeless and lost their beloved ones and now struggling to have food, shelter and drinking water.

Action Works Nepal, one of the major program themes is humanitarian Support.  AWON had always proved to be with the survivors for their help. AWON team decided to help earthquake victim family. The team started working in relief work from 27th May 2015 (3rd day of the first earthquake). 

AWON team distributed noodles, drinking water and biscuits for 50 people in landless communities residing in the bank of Bagmati river of Thapathali.


Press Release

Press Release

In a shocking incident, two schoolgirls aged 15 and 16 received severe burns in an acid attack at Basantapur Kathmandu- on 22nd February, Sunday and a six years old girl was raped in Bara district of Nepal by her teacher. Action Works Nepal shows its extreme solidarity in these two cases and wants to give pressure to the government to take serious attention and action to the perpetrator involved in this attack.

Also this incident shows that there is no any policy provision on selling the harmful chemical like acid in the country. AWON would like to bring the attention for the responsible mechanism of the government to bring the policy and procedure to sell those harmful chemicals in the market and create safe environment in the society.

Nepal Government bears million of expenses for the medical cost for the prime ministers, ministers but didn’t show any ownership to medical services and any financial help of  two  girls Ms Sangita Magar and  Seema Basnet , Thus, AWON would like to bring serious attention to the government in this case.

Even though Nepal signed various National and International treaties for the right of Girls and Women, but the cases of violence are increasing day by day and the government is not taking serious action. It also proves that government is not serious on it. So AWON would like to request Nepal Government to be serious and provide quick action to punish the perpetrator.

Action Works Nepal is very much serious to the issue of violation of women human right and urge to find out and provide punishment to the perpetrator. 

Sharing Meeting on Maternal Health with Experts at National Level

Date: 12th January 2015


·         Ishwori Devi Shrestha                         Chief Nurse, MOPH

·         Goma Niraula Shrestha                      Nurshing Director, Bir Hospital

·         Kiran Bajarachya                        President, Midwifery Society of Nepal

·         Gita Dhakal Chalise                            Executive Board Member, AWON

·         Anita Bhujel                                        Program Manager, AWON

·         Lisa Tron                                             Volunteer (Midwife from Germany)

 Action Works Nepal (AWON) is working in reproductive and sexual health right of rural women in Jumla and Kalikot districts of Karnali region in Nepal from 2010. AWON is working on raising awareness of the locals on reproductive and sexual health right, capacity enhancement of local health workers and increasing access of locals for quality health services. Recently AWON is working through two health projects, one funded by NRN UK for Miteri Birthing Center (MBC) is one remote village of Jumla and the other one through Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF), UK in three village development committee of Jumla.

AWON work through the national and international volunteers, experts for cross learning. In 2014 AWON work with more than twenty volunteers. Lisa Tron, a mid-wife from Germany, join  Action Works Nepal for two months. She stays in Jumla and work in MBC as well as health post of three villages. She came to know about the needs, hard life and also the gap in the basic health facilities in rural areas of Nepal.

Though the national data had show satisfactory figure of maternal and infant mortality rate but the story is different in the rural area of Nepal. Women and infants are dying by shortage of medicines, lack of equipments and quality services and absence of responsible health workers, lack of ownership of the duty bearers. The blanket approach of the nation and development organization is worthless for such rural areas, need specific strategy and frequent monitoring with review in the community approach from local to national level.

AWON share and raise these issues at local, district and national level as policy advocacy to fulfill the gap in quality service delivery. AWON organized a sharing meeting with representative from Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), pioneer and experts from sexual and reproductive health in Nepal.

The meeting objective was:

·   To share the present condition of sexual and reproductive health rural areas of Jumla,

·   To take preventive action, support and work together sharing resources and expertise.

The major sharing was focused on:

·   Absence of local health workers (ANM, Health Post in charge) in the village health post who need to be daily present and provide health services to the locals. (Most of the village health post is without the health workers) only the office assistant is available in the health post. (Found health worker coming only for two or three days in the months and if delegates visits)

· Locals are not getting the basic health services and basic medicines which are free from government. In normal sickness also they had to wait for the time when the health workers come to health post or to travel to nearest health center where they can or cannot meet the health worker again or to travel to Khalang bazaar.

      ·   Health posts are poorly equipped with basic medical instruments,        poor sanitation conditions. The sanitation conditions of the health        post are very poor. ( instruments and equipments are broken and            not well managed, bed seats are spotted with blood and dust,                 poor         drinking and cleaning water availability, dirty toilets)

·   Lack and gap in monitoring from the district and national authorities. (No punishment and reward system)

Way forward:

·   Need effective strategy to work in social mobilization of the local for making aware about the sexual and reproductive health rights due to prevail of deeply rooted ill cultural practices in the areas.

· Capacity enhancement and providing incentives to the Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) in the areas.

· Need good coordination with the all stake holders and service providers and should work in integrated approach with specific objectives.

· Need of effective monitoring from district and national government authorities

Commitment and remark from the MOPH


The sharing made emotional as well as reflected poor health conditions in the rural areas of Karnali, Nepal.  As an NGO, AWON is pioneer and working in must challenging remote and isolated area with very sensitive issues on maternal and child health. Ishowari Devi Shrestha, Chief Nurse from MOPH extend her sincere thank to AWON team member for doing hard job and raising the issues of poor health services, poor monitoring mechanism from district and national government health authorities.

She also commit personally and professionally to share the situation in MOPH and will take action to fulfill those gaps as per her responsibilities. The experts also show there interest on visiting Jumla and helping AWON and health service providers in the area.





Protest Ongoing: Gender Responsive Constitution

Action Works Nepal stands for Gender Responsive Constitution since 2010. Through networking and alliance building, AWON is significantly contributing in various advocacy activities such as protest, rally, dharna, petition submission etc.

In Jan 12, 2015, AWON was in protest program for following demands to be fulfilled from the government:

·         Formulate gender-friendly constitution within Magh 8 (January 22, 2015)

·         Ensure equal rights of women in the provision of citizenship

·         Ensure proportionate representation of women in overall restructure policy

·         Half of the population is occupied by women therefore ensure women's rights regarding identity, equality and the right to live a violence-free life

·         Make the election process gender-friendly and ensure proportionate representation of women in politics

·         Ensure women's control over their body and their sexual and reproductive rights as fundamental rights

·         Formulate constitution within Magh 8 (January 22, 2015) and create a favorable environment to end violence against women




Donation Received in the “Miteri-Gaun: Let us Live Together Campaign”

A team of Nepali living in USA donated NRs 100000.00 (One lakh only) to Miteri-Gaun: Let us Live together Campaign launched by Action Works Nepal (AWON). Inspired by the work of AWON for the needy and marginalized community in Karnali, the team has donated the amount to the people of Karnali through AWON to protect people from severe cold- these days the  temperature is down to -20 with heavy snowfall.

AWON has planned to spend this amount to buy the blankets and jackets to distribute to the students and people of different districts of Karnali. AWON takes this opportunity to thank Ms. Sangita siwakoti for her initiation and all the donors from USA.

Anybody interested can donate us on their Birthday Celebration, Marriage ceremony, Marriage Anniversary or any other occasions for Peace and also for some Cause.

The name list of the donors is as follows:

S.N                            Name of Donors                          Amount (in Nrs)

1                                   Sangita Siwakoti (USA)                                 25100

2                                  Santa Adhikari (USA)                                     20100

3                                  Uma Karki (USA)                                              20100

4                                  Sachita SIWAKOTI (USA)                                 10100

5                                  Sangita paudel (USA)                                    10100

6                                 Devi Mishra (USA)                                           5100

7                                 Bikash Siwakoti  (Kathmandu)                      5100

8                                 Hari Phuyal (Kathmandu)                             4300

                                    Total                                            100,000






Meeting with the Constitution Assembly (CA) members of Jumla

 AWON in coordination with FRL organize and facilitate a meeting with the Constitution Assembly members of Jumla, Karnali. As per the commitment made in first women conference in Jumla, to share and make accountable to the local CA members on Jumla declaration paper. The women conference focus it discussion and raised various issues related on thirteen points, twelve points on Beijing declaration added with climate change.


The four CA members were invited out of which three of them participated in the meeting. Goma Kunwar, from UCPN (Maoist), Lalit Jung Shai from Nepali Congress, Bal Bahadur Mahat from CPN - UML.  

The meeting was lead by Radha Paudel, Founder President of AWON where the declaration paper was shared and discusses on the issues. All the CA members were seen very active and shared their observation and experiences over it.

Goma Kuwar, highlighted that due to absence of local government authorities (VDC secretary, school teachers, health post staffs) in the village, people are facing lots of problems. The local government needs to be responsible and accountable. This system is guided from years and politics have played a catalyst role to root in deeply.  When ever this issue is raised to be address, we politician play our power game to make it ineffective and those people are not punished because they belong to some party worker. Those people need to be punished and as a politicians we all parties need to be together to raise the issues and punish those people according to law.


Lalit Jung Shahi also express his gratitude to the organization that it had started making aware to the Jumla locals in the good governance, women rights and health issues which is seen very delicate in these areas. He agreed with Goma Kunwar and request to make the campaign more effective and commit to work together. He also suggests organizing a meeting with local politicians in Jumla, making and following up with the local monitoring mechanism.

Bal Bahadur Mahat strongly committed to raise the issues in district yearly meeting with district chief authorities and local politicians. He also shared that, Karnali is being poor due to poor thought towards Karnali and its people from the central politics and government. He shared his bitter experiences on how he was ignored while approaching for the budget on health for Karnali.

The meeting was ended with the commitment to work together to make developed Jumla along with the shared responsibilities among all stakeholders.


Date:  2nd December 2015                        

Venue: Yal Maya Kendra, Patan Dhoka