Kathmandu Team

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Radha Paudel, Founder/President

Radha Paudel, the founder and president of Action Works Nepal (AWON), has been described as "one of those people who just makes things happen."  She founded AWON on the principle of action over lip service, and assists primarily rural, poor, and marginalized women to live dignified lives in a country still recovering from a 10-year civil war.  

Her simple motto to the complex dynamics of gendered democracy and post-conflict reconstruction is "no women, no peace."- Sigrid Tornquist.  

Popular Gentle, Founder/Vice-President

Mr. Gentle has over 20 years of experience in development and research around climate change adaptation, understanding power relations and poverty, local institutions, governance, and social justice.  He has managed complex projects, working with multi-cultural teams with various donors such as USAID, DANIDA, EU/EC and DFID. Mr. Gentle is also an authority on natural resource management, disaster risk reduction and responses, livelihood improvement, poverty reduction, women's empowerment, gender equity, and community development programs.

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Bharat Prasad Wasti, Founder/Treasurer 

Mr. Wasti has over 20 years experience in management for numerous organizations. He is extensively engaged in social work, specifically for women and childrens' rights, and also for their empowerment. He is responsible for the organizational administration and financial management of AWON. He has a BA in Management, and a MA in Social Science. Mr. Wasti was also an N-Peace Nominee for Real Men for Peace Work and Gender Equality in 2013.

Samjhana Poudel, Founder/Executive Member/General Secretary

Ms. Poudel has over 15 years experience as a journalist. She has visited South Korea, Australia, Denmark, the USA, India, and Pakistan for media and human rights activities. She is the media focal person for AWON. 




Ramesh Pandey, Executive Member

Mr. Pandey is a young, dynamic man who has experience around project management especially for women’s right and empowerment, and gender based violence. He takes charge of the day to day administration for AWON. Mr. Pandey has a BA in management.

Saroj Dahal, Founder/Executive Member

Mr. Dahal is a political journalist who is responsible for media mobilization, networking, and advocacy for AWON. 



Anita Bhujel, Executive Member

Ms. Bhujel is a dynamic and multi-talented woman who has over 10 years extensive knowledge and experience in project management. She has worked in various INGO's for women’s rights, empowerment, and peace. She has two MA's from Tribhuvan University.

Dr. Joanne Millar, Advisor 

Dr. Millar leads the Charles Sturt University Australia support group in Albury NSW, Australia.  She is a senior lecturer for Environmental Planning and Policy in the School of Environmental Sciences, at Charles Sturt University.  

She has visited Mugu and Jumla in 2013 to assess the socioeconomic situation of the Karnali zone.  

Dr. Millar is also a yoga instructor.  




Anupama Dahal, Advisor

Ms. Dahal has had an interest in music and dance, as well as Buddhism throughout her childhood.  For Ms. Dahal, songs not only spontaneously come to her with lyrics and the melody, but they have emerged in numerous languages such as Sanskrit, Urdu, Panjabi, Marbadi, Nepali, English, Bengali and other Sanksrit rooted languages.

This experienced dancer/performer turned singer has compiled over 400 songs in just 7 years.  

Shanta Adhikari, Coordinator; USA

Shanta Adhikari Paudel, RN BSN, is a US co-ordinator, working as a liaison of AWON between the US and Nepal. Her primary focus is on network building, and fundraising for the development of Karnali district.

email: [email protected]



Binita Paudel, Founder

Ms. Paudel has extensive knowledge and skills on research, and monitoring public health issues.

Renu Shrestha, Founder

Ms. Shrestha has sound knowledge and skills on women empowerment, gender based violence, networking and advocacy.