Advisory Committee in Jumla and Kalikot

Ms. Shanta Chauagain, President

Ms. Gaju Kathayat

Ms. Himali Khatri

Ms. Sita Buda

Mr. Laxman Chaulagain


Mr. Guma Bhadur Nepali, District Program Manager

Mr. Nepali is the newly appointed District Program Manager.  He is responsible for AWON's activities in Juma and Kalikot.  


Mr. Kashab Dhital, Volunteer Coordinator

Mr. Dhital has been working for AWON since 2013.  He is young and enthusiastic in his work.  He is currently finishing up his BA.  

Ms. Shardha Chaulagain, Lamra

Ms. Shardha has been a member of AWON since 2012.  She facilitates discussions on gender based violence, chhaupadi, education, and humanitarian activities.  

Ms. Bimala Shahi, Kudari

Ms. Bimala is an energetic young woman from the village of Kudari determined to fight against social ills.  

Ms. Shardha Rokaya, Saanigaun, Jumla

Ms. Rokaya is an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife.  She lives in and is from the same community that she serves.  She lives in the birthing center, providing 24 hours a day maternal and neonatal service.  

Mr. Kalanath Yogi, Kudari

Mr. Yogi is front the village of Kudari, serving as a teacher in the Gogibada Primary School.  He is passionate about social change and is heavily involved in social mobilization. 

Mr. Kar Bahadur Kami, Lamra

Mr. Kami is a representative from the Dalit community who has been working with AWON as a teacher since 2010.  

Ms. Tara Shahi PhoiMahade, Kalikot

Ms. Shahi currently works with AWON to mobilize members of society through our Miteri program including women, men, traditional healers, and schools. 

Ms. Samjhana Damai, Rachuli

Ms. Damai is a representative of the Dalit community, and works with AWON to mobilize members of society for actions toward human rights, peace, and empowerment.  

Ms. Gahumaya Buda, Saanigaun, Jumla

Ms. Devi Sara Khadka, Shodasha

Gauri, Srinagar